A Doug. An Eddie. 

It's been quite a while. Let's see what they have to say.


Hello Doug and Eddie Show Friends!! 

As a reminder, we are now the "Daydream Instruction Manual" podcast, so be sure to check out all of our new episodes at www.daydreaminstructionmanual.com for all the fun and insanity that you've come to expect from us...and MORE!!


The whole crew of the USS Doug and Eddie Show are on deck for this episode! We talk some James Bond, Guardians of the Galaxy, gender in story telling (just a little serious chat), and more!!

We also want to let you, our loyal listener and friend in on our secret. This is the last Doug and Eddie Show episode. We are transforming and rolling out as a whole new podcast!!! High fives, and hugs for everyone!!!

No worries! All the fun and craziness will stay intact, we just want to be able to be a bit more flexible and do more awesome, creative, and wacky things!!

Please join us as we embark on our newest adventure...as the Daydream Instruction Manual!!



Mike and I were honored to have Mr. Bruce Crawford on the show this time around as he is promoting his upcoming film event in celebration of it's 60th anniversary, "The Ten Commandments" presented by Omaha Film Event!

Bruce's classic film events have always been a blast and this one is sure to no different!

This coming Friday, May 27th at the Joslyn Art Museum at 7:00 P.M.!! 

 Be there!!

While Doug was out pre-celebrating his impending 50th birthday (holy moly!), Mike, Bart and Eddie sat down and had a grand ol' time discussing:

1. Tracking down that one hard to find item, your own personal White Whale!

2. How soon to discuss a film or television show without being accused of spoiling it for everyone else.

3. And much, much more!

Well friends, another Free Comic Book Day has come and gone and we'll tell you what, this was one of the biggest turnouts we've ever seen!! There were hundreds families lined up for free comics, to purchase comics or comic book related awesomeness, and enough cosplayers (Eddie included) to take over a small country!!

Listen as Bart shares his story of meeting "Little Nell" Campbell and Mike shares his haul from Krypton Comics!

Also we decided we hadn't seen enough of each other, so we also went and saw Captain America: Civil War and decided to review it (more or less).

But beware: Spoilers ahead!!

Like a fine wine, an exquisite cheese, or a wrinkly wrinkly Doug, we've gotten better with age.

Join us as we celebrate our 100th episode and our 100th episode shenanigans!!!

Bigfoot movies, Mike's DC "muderverse" rant, Bart's 100 episode quiz, and more!!

To see the Doug and Eddie Show Crew slap each other with congratulatory cakes, check out the sweet video here!!

All four hosts gathered 'round to discuss the questions that drive us: 

 Kirk Vs. Picard, Hardwick vs. Wheaton, and The Big Bang Theory vs. the nerds!
Feel free to share your thoughts with us and also be sure to check in with us this week leading up to our 100th episode! 
 100 Episodes!!!!!!!

Surprise! We have a bonus episode for all you crazy Doug and Eddie Show listeners!

We feature all four hosts in this episode!! And it's a special kind of crazy as we recap Mike's adventures in Denver at the Iron Maiden concert, catch up with Bart's nerdy to do list, discuss our favorite superhero and super villain lairs, and crush everything else in between!!

The new and improved Doug and Eddie Show!! Come get some!!

Hello friends! Doug and I have had quite a bit of help over the past three years on the podcast. But one person has particularly stood out. 

Like Lassie running to save Timmy from the well, Mike Golka has run to our aid if we find that we ventured too close to peril. 

Like Superman flying to save Lois Lane from falling off a building ledge, Mike has swooped in to catch us before we splatter all over the pavement of James Bond ignorance.

Our longtime listeners may recall us calling him our "Fifth Beatle", and over time his role has grown to the point where we can deny it no longer...Mike has evolved (perhaps devolved) into a full time co-host!!

Please enjoy our musical musings as we ponder bands ranging from Asia to ZZ Top!

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